Stanley Tucci Engagement Is the Opposite of the Kardashian Debacle

Stanley TucciStanley Tucci is one of those actors who is in everything. And mostly (except in Lovely Bones) he plays the guy you wish you knew. He was also married for 14 years to the same woman. He lost her to breast cancer in 2009. So now, two years later, the news that he has found love again with a former co-star's sister is beautiful, indeed.

Tucci is engaged to marry Felicity Blunt, the sister of Emily Blunt with whom he starred in The Devil Wears Prada. Though normally, I might balk at the age difference between these two (he is 51, she is 30), there is something about them that makes me think they will go the distance.

Being a widower with children so young isn't easy. His oldest two are 11-year-old twins and then he has a 9-year-old as well. Her task isn't going to be easy.


When Tucci's wife Kate died, Stanley was broken-hearted, saying only, "My wife was an extraordinary person who showed us all what great strength is" to the New York Post.

It's hard to imagine in the midst of such pain that anyone could find happiness and love and romance again. But he did. Despite the 20-year age difference, I think that is pretty life-affirming and beautiful. Life goes on and love prevails.

Those children need a woman in their life, and hopefully, Felicity will love them like her own. In a town where Kim Kardashian can crap on the sanctity of marriage for a full 72 days before pulling out in a highly public divorce, it's strangely uplifting to see a man who took "until death do us part" seriously enough to try again a second time.

That's the strength of love and, to me, is every bit the opposite of what we saw with the Kardashian nuptials. This is marriage, this is love. And yes, it can even happen in Hollywood.

Do you think this will go the distance?

Image via smoothdude/Flickr

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