Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Is So Good It May Trump the I Dos (VIDEO)

father daughter wedding dressI've been to a fair share of weddings and the father-daughter dance gets me every time. Bride walking down the aisle? I'm a stone wall. Best man speech? Yawn. But the daddy-daughter dance? Good night. I turn into a weepy mess and I end up finding Kleenex residue on my dress, in my bra, on my shoes, everywhere, for the rest of the night. It's not a good look. White specks of mucus-saturated tissue stuck to your black dress does not help one find a date. That is an FYI.

Anyway! A fun-loving bride in Dallas and her talented father took to the dance floor at her reception and all hell broke loose. In a good way. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wanna dance, and then you'll wonder why you didn't think of this.


I don't want to give too much away, but the music selections range from The Temptations to Michael Jackson to The Sugar Hill Gang to Beyonce. The dad has this straight-faced look the whole time, like he's super into it, and doesn't want to mess up the moves. It's fantastic. He really sells it! And the bride looks like she's having a blast, too. Same with the guests.

It looks like they have a great relationship and so cool that they have this on tape to remember forever.

Watch and enjoy!

What was your father-daughter dance like?


Photo via YouTube

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