Crazy October Snowstorm Gives Couple the Perfect Wedding

wedding ringsIt had all the makings of every couple's worst wedding nightmare: Doug Arnold and Kathy Del Santo of Simsbury, Connecticut, were planning a small, sweet wedding at home. Then that completely weird, unexpected October Nor'easter hit the area, taking down some rather crucial power lines with it ... namely, the ones responsible for providing electricity to Doug and Kathy's house.

But every unseasonal storm cloud formation has a silver lining ...


Luckily, there were a few spots in Simsbury that were still plugged in and, even better, opening their doors to the powerless. So, undaunted, Doug and Kathy showered at Simsbury Chubb Insurance Building and proceeded to a shelter at Simsbury High School, where Doug's three daughters are students, to exchange vows.

Here's where it gets really sweet. Like, this needs to be a scene in the next romantic comedy box office smash sweet.

Naturally the weather robbed Doug and Kathy of more than a location for their wedding ... they didn't have a cake or music or guests, either.

So in a heartwarming display of community seldom seen in real life, the other folks at the temporary shelter all pitched in. Strangers sang songs, the school cafeteria staff baked the cake, and members of the Simsbury Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary added decorations. State Representative Linda Schofield, who only recently became a justice of the peace, married the couple.

Awww. Isn't that adorable? And I didn't even tell you about how Doug and Kathy met 35 years ago! The two reconnected decades later when both were taking care of sick relatives (instant bond!).

See, a couple like this one couldn't just have an ordinary, run-of-the-mill wedding. They needed an experience as poignant and lovely as their marriage is destined to be.

Have you ever been to a wedding where everything went "wrong"?


Image via Steffen/Flickr

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