Want Ad in Paper Brings Two Lonely Lovebirds Together

ducksA lonely widow, Crackers, was forlorn after her hubby Jack suddenly passed away. They used to hang out all the time in the shelter, go swimming in the pond, eat bread crumbs, and snap at local children together. But after Jack bit the bullet, Crackers just wasn't the same. So what's a duck owner to do? Put a want ad in the paper, of course.

And believe it or not, the owners got over 20 phone calls in response to the ad from people wanting to match up Crackers with their own feathery suitors. Seriously, what the quack is happening in this world? This is ducking awesome!


Ducks are finding dates in the classifieds? I had no idea this was, like, a ducking thing. Apparently, Crackers took to one feller named Carlos and they're very happy together. They expect a lot of chicks this spring, just in time for eager-to-please parents to come and buy them up to give to little Sally for that oh-so-cute photo of their toddler holding a baby chick, only to realize a year later that they're stuck with a duck who now needs your help and the newspaper's in finding ever-lasting love.

Or not. Whatever.

If ducks can find love in the want ads, may this inspire some shy online-daters to come out of their shells, real or figurative, and find someone who tickles their tail-feather, someone who fits the bill, and someone who quacks them up. It's the 21st century people (and animals) -- it's time to embrace that true love may be waiting for you on the next farm over, but you'll never find it if you don't put yourself out there.

Congrats to Crackers and Carlos!


Photo via ingridtaylar/Flickr

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