Zooey Deschanel Is Too Successful for a Happy Marriage

zooey deschanel and husband ben gibbardIf you haven't been watching New Girl on FOX, you're missing out. It's one of the most hilarious sitcoms to hit TV in a long time, and the hilarity factor is 99 percent owed to actress and indie folk singer Zooey Deschanel. Thanks to the show, her career is blowing up, but at the same time, her personal life has hit the skids. She and husband Ben Gibbard (you may know him as the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service) announced that after two years of marriage, they're divorcing. So sad!

The couple, who married in 2009 after dating for a year, reportedly decided mutually and amicably to end their marriage, and an anonymous "insider" has added, "There was no third party involved." If that's true, then, what happened??


Only a few months ago, Ben was hanging out with his wife as she promoted New Girl, and onlookers said he seemed really supportive. That may be true, but perhaps there was something else going on here that can poison even the healthiest relationship ... 

Zooey's career has been skyrocketing, and while Ben's a total rock star in the indie world, there could have been a bit of jealousy there. It could also have something to do with Zooey being extremely busy these days, and Ben being on tour, too. But either way, I wouldn't be surprised if Zooey's success killed this marriage.

It's something I personally freak out about, and I feel like any woman with career ambition finds herself wondering about it. Will there come a time when your job overshadows your relationship? Even if you're doing your best to keep your life balanced, is it possible your significant other might resent you for your success?

Whether or not we like to think we're beyond it, I'm sure most of us still adhere to certain gender stereotypes, maybe subconsciously. Earning big or being on our A-game (getting promotions, feeling like we're in a flow with our work) -- especially when our guy isn't -- can spell trouble. Not because they don't support us and want to see us succeed, but because most of them want to feel, in some way, like they're "the man." That could mean being at least an equal earner, if not the sole breadwinner. And I'm sure this gets even more complicated when both people are famous! (Who is selling more on iTunes? Who do the paparazzi yell for? etc.) Even though we live in a time when women are managing to live a Superwoman lifestyle, this is one tough issue I'm not sure many of us know how to confront. 

Yeah, it's disheartening! Hopefully, though, Zooey and Ben's split is as amicable as sources say, and when this is over, the two of them will be able to move on and find happiness and the success they both deserve.

Do you feel like your success influences your relationship? Do you agree boyfriends/husbands get weird -- even unconsciously -- about our success?

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