Kim Kardashian's Ring Should Not Go to Waste

Perhaps of all the parts of Kim Kardashian's over-the-top, insanely decadent (and expensive) nuptials to Kris Humphries, none was more ridiculous and materialistic than her $2 million emerald-cut, 20.5-carat engagement ring. If the engagement ring represents a promise between two people, then Kardashian's was a rather large one. And she kept it. She married him.

So, fine. She gets to keep the ring, but what happens to it now?

Of the people I know who have ended up divorced or broken off engagements (which I did twice), the rule is usually this: If the marriage happened, then the woman keeps the ring. If it didn't, the woman gives it back. It's just common sense.


Either way, of course, a person is left with a ring that has bad juju -- a ring that becomes the symbol of a broken union, whether it's amicable or otherwise. So what should be done with it? There are a few options.

A friend of mine who went through a bad divorce sold her ring and then bought herself a new, different ring with that money. Another friend melted hers down into a pretty pendant. As we all know, Charlotte York on Sex and the City gave hers to Carrie Bradshaw so that she could use it as a down payment on her condo. Both of my engagement rings went back to my exes, and one was returned while the other was sold.

It's anybody's call what to do with an old ring. Personally, I wouldn't want to accept an engagement ring from a man that had been someone else's in a divorce. It would just feel wrong. Just because a marriage or engagement ended doesn't render the stones meaningless.

Kardashian could make a few beautiful pieces of jewelry with one incredible ring. She could also give it back. Seventy-two days is not really much of a promise, anyway.

What do you think she should do with the ring?


Image via Maggiejumps/Flickr

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