Did Kim Kardashian Hint at Divorce When She Met With Ex?

kim kardashian and reggie bush
Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush before their split
The celebrity gossip blogs are making much of the fact that Kim Kardashian allegedly had lunch with Reggie Bush in New York on Saturday. In fact, there are a lot of musings as to whether the reunion with her old flame was the impetus for her filing for divorce from husband Kris Humphries just two days later.

Now, I (unlike all the mean-spirited Kardashian-haters on the Internet who are acting like this divorce is the funniest thing that's ever happened) am going to give Kim the benefit of the doubt and speculate that she and Bush kept their sushi lunch strictly platonic over the weekend. But I do think the fact that she met up with her ex in the first place is a clear sign there was trouble in paradise.


Think about it: Why does anyone hang out with an ex? Either one or both of the exes still has sexy feelings for the other. Or -- as I think is just as likely in Kim's case -- the exes are on friendly terms, and hanging out with each other, whether it's healthy or not, actually makes them feel better about themselves.

Sure, it's easy to say snarky things about Kim for reconnecting with an ex when her marriage was on the brink of disaster. But it isn't such a scandalous move when you consider this: An ex is often someone who knows your shortcomings just as well as your assets and still accepts you for them -- maybe not as a romantic partner, but at the very least as a friend. It's quite possible that Kim was sad about her deteriorating relationship with Kris and reached out to Reggie (who was in town for a football game) who she trusted could make her feel better.

Of course, if she talked to Reggie about her decision to file for divorce before she even told Kris about it (as many of the tabloids suggest and oh to be a fly on that wall), then my defense of her stops here. But just because it's not an admirable move doesn't mean many of us would be above doing it were we in the same place.


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