George Clooney Shouldn't Be Anyone's ‘Father Figure’

elisabetta canalis and george clooneyWhen Elisabetta Canalis and George Clooney split in June, I don't think anyone was too surprised. Falling in love with beautiful women for a short period of time is what he does best. He seems to have fun-loving relationships, then when he gets bored, he moves on to the next. Elisabetta says that they separated to focus on their "personal needs," but also mentioned that their relationship had a sort of father-daughter type feel. Hmm.

Elisabetta sat down with Italian journalist Bruno Vespa to share what it was like to date the ultimate bachelor for Vespa's soon-to-be-released book on love. And what she revealed is kind of surprising:


"Between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship. I was unable to clarify this up ’til now." She goes on to say that George is "the person who valued my feminine side the most” and “also one of the best people I have met from a charitable point of view … he has been a special for me, and very important, just as a father would be."

That sounds like a great relationship ... if you're related. But not if you're involved romantically. Equality is important when it comes to loving connections. Otherwise, one person is left with all the power and the other becomes subordinate and yada yada yada your sex life fizzles and you inevitably break up because you're unhappy playing the role of the parent or the child. Seems like that's what happened with George and Elisa.

And those are easy roles to slip into, especially when there's a significant age difference. It's also easy when there's a dominant personality and a more submissive one, either male or female. Without a balance of power, things start to crumble. And after you've dug yourself into one of these holes, the pattern of a parent-child relationship becomes habit and hard to break.

Sounds like Elisa and George made the right decision in going their separate ways. Hope they're both able to find a better-suited partner!

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