Surprise Marriage Proposal Causes Woman to Faint (VIDEO)

marriage proposalCrazy, silly, incredibly romantic, shocking, or tear-jerking marriage proposal videos abound on the web, and the latest to make headlines is probably one of the most bizarre I've ever seen! I guess being proposed to can be a shock to the system. Especially if friends and family happen to be standing around when your honey gets down on one knee. But Brittney Hillard experienced an "OMG" moment like no other when her boyfriend Cameron popped the question.

In a viral video that's making the rounds online and in the news, you can watch as Cameron brings a blindfolded Brittney to an outdoor park and then surprises her with all of her loved ones. Then, before you know it, he's on one knee. And gasping, Brittney HITS THE FLOOR!


Uh, yeah, totally crazy! Check it out.

That couldn't possibly be fake, right? When she fainted, she fell straight BACK!! Ahhh!! Poor woman! Thankfully, Cameron posted on his Facebook that the fall wasn't as devastating as it looks. She fell on her butt and the "rest of her body landed softly." Whew! I don't know if that's exactly how I would want to start out my engagement, haha, but it is really cute how the proposal ended up. Hooray that she said yes!! Obviously, these two are blissfully in love -- head over heels, in fact (tee hee)!

What do you think about this proposal? One of the craziest reactions you've ever seen?


Image via YouTube

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