Online Dating Is No Longer Just for Weirdos

Online dating was once something that people did in private. But recently when someone told me she met her boyfriend "in line at the bookstore" and I later met him and discovered A.) he wasn't a "bookstore" kind of guy and B.) they actually met on, I was surprised. Isn't online dating kind of the norm now?

After all this time, I would think online dating would have long since surpassed the stigma it once had of weirdos in basements who pretended to be 6'2" lawyers when they are actually 5'1" and have no jobs at all. I have seen enough marriages come of online dating and now even celebrities (like Carrie Ann Inaba) are doing it like it's the norm.

So why are people still hiding it? And then I realized: Of the many married couples I know, almost none of us met online.


I met my husband in elementary school (though we reconnected online); my best friend met her husband at work. Other friends met their spouses at college and so on and so on. For as normal as online dating appears to be, I guess I don't know that many success stories.

Or maybe people are lying. Maybe more people are meeting online than are admitting it. So what's up with the stigma? It's 2011, people! Almost everyone I know has gone on at least one online date.

Still, even with its incredible ubiquity, most of the people I know ended up meeting their mates in real life somehow. Online you can fake chemistry. But real chemistry only happens in person. That crackling static that happens when two people have chemistry just can't be reproduced online.

Online dating is like the modern day equivalent of searching for the frog prince. There are a lot of duds and far fewer princes. But still, they are out there, probably searching for you, too! Online dating can be your best friend if you let it. You may not meet your soul mate, but with our crazy hectic schedules and modern lives full of chaos, it's awfully nice to have an easy way to make sure you have plans for Saturday night.

Do you think online dating is weird?

Image via tawalker/Flickr

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