Dimwit Calls Cops After Girlfriend Catches Him Cheating

bedIt's a tale of modern love. Man meets girlfriend, man cheats on girlfriend with woman he found on Craigslist, girlfriend finds out, man calls the cops. Billy Shakespeare couldn't have written it better himself. It all went down in Colorado Springs, Colorado at approximately 3:13 in the morning Wednesday at 24-year-old Kevin Gaylor's apartment. The poor guy got himself into such a pickle that he had no other choice but to call the police.

Because when your girlfriend walks in on you and an alleged sex buddy you found on the Interweb, things tend to get ugly.


I guess Kevin wasn't expecting his girlfriend to come home that night, or he got her schedule mixed up, because what was supposed to be a fun night of anonymous sex with a woman he'd met on the Internet turned sour when the woman he supposedly loved showed up. Wah-wah.

But Kevin's a quick-thinker. He sprung to action faster than a gazelle being hunted by a lioness and he grabbed his cellphone and dialed 911. He told his girlfriend, and the cops, that he didn't know what this strange woman was doing in his apartment! She must be a burglar! She's probably there to rob him!

And so the five officers showed up to his place, but they didn't arrest the Craigslist "burglar." Kevin was the one they took into custody for false reporting. He was later released.

It's always super awkward when your significant other walks in just after your extracurricular sex pet arrives -- gah! Sooo embarrassing. So you gotta give props to Kevin for denying the whole thing, accusing his "mistress" of robbing the place, and illegally calling the cops for help. Real smart guy, that Kevin.

There are no reports on the status of Kevin's relationship with his girlfriend, but I should hope she never talks to this guy again. And may the Craigslist lady find other, better ... business.


Photo via rachel_titiriga/Flickr

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