Dressing Slutty on Halloween Will Help You Find Love

police woman sexy costumeLet's be honest: For a lot of women, Halloween is a great excuse to let loose and dress up in a way that that makes them feel ... well, hot. No one really wants to be the ghoulish, freaky Bride of Frankenstein. You want to be SEXY! It's why the stereotype of a "Halloween slut" -- someone who uses the holiday as an excuse to wear something a little, or a lot, more risque than usual -- exists. In fact, I'd bet more of us are Halloween sluts than we would readily admit! And there's nothing wrong with that. Especially if you're single and ready to mingle!

A survey from the dating site Zoosk.com found that 66 percent of single respondents felt Halloween is a good time to meet a romantic partner. And 71 percent of men said they would likely be interested in someone wearing a sexy costume, whereas 51 percent of women said they would be into a guy in a funny outfit. Well, uh, yeah!


Of course this finding reflects annoying social stereotypes (women should be sexy, men should be comedians), but getting into the spirit of it is more fun than getting irritated! I'm not talking about going all out hooker. But donning a sexy costume as a single gal -- or even as a way to wink-wink your significant other -- can definitely make for a good time ...

I actually have my very own "sexy costume" success story. Back when I was in my early 20s, single, and living in Manhattan, I dressed up as a cute/sexy "cat" for Halloween. In other words, I was a girl in the go-to fishnets, knee-high black boots, black flirty skirt with bodice top, plus whiskers, tail, and cat ears. Meow. The outfit scored me some really unwanted attention -- while walking near the Halloween parade downtown, some total creep came out of nowhere and yanked my tail! -- but it also helped me catch the eye of a cute and funny mummy at a party I attended with some friends (dressed as sexy witches). And believe it or not, although he was initially attracted to me thanks to my sexy cat look, he didn't only want to hook up! He actually wanted my number for a legitimate date ... which we went on the following week. He turned out to be a really nice guy!

Hence why it's not necessarily the worst thing in the world to give in to your skanky side and rock that sexy cop/devil/nurse/nun costume you're itching to try. It might just lead you to a shot at love. And if you're taken, it couldn't hurt to raise your honey's eyebrows, eh?

How do you feel about being a "Halloween slut" in the name of love?


Image via LingerieDiva.com

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