Incredibly Romantic Love Story Started in First Grade (VIDEO)

When Heather Campbell first met Greg Arpin, she was only 6 years old. The two were in first grade, but she knew. She told her mom: "I am going to marry him." He even proposed with a blue, plastic dinosaur ring Campbell -- now an adult -- still has.

Now, nearly two decades later, the two have finally made good on that promise and will wed this weekend. This is a story that makes me really believe in fate. Of course, I already did considering I met my own husband in the fifth grade back in Dayton, Ohio.

It may sound insane or even unhealthy, but in both cases (mine and Campbell's), there was a long break in between.



Campbell moved away to New York (I moved to Massachusetts), and it was only later that they reconnected. The same thing happened to me. And then sparks.

If someone told me a story about a couple who never dated anyone else through their whole childhood, I might say that's less romantic and more problematic. But a story where the two people met as children and then re-met? That makes me think fate played a hand.

Come on, how else do you explain it? My husband and I hated each other as kids. We ran in very different crowds. There is even a passage in my sixth grade journal detailing a scuffle we got into where he hit me with his crossing guard pole. And as he says to me: "You would have hated me in college." It's possibly true. He was insane and way too much of a party boy for my taste back then.

We re-met at the perfect time. We had both dated others and experienced a bit of life, but we knew almost right away that this wasn't our plan but the plan of some higher power. How else can you explain two children growing up down the street from each other, attending the same elementary school, and then ending up in the same city 700 miles away 12 years later?

It's fate! Like Campbell and Arpin, I feel very lucky that my soul mate was handed to me in elementary school and I hope the same for my kids. It makes the searching very easy, indeed.

Do you believe in soul mates and fate?


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