Occupy Wall Street Protester Finds Love With Woman Who Was Pepper-Sprayed

occupy wall street pepper spraySeems like the Occupy Wall Street movement is spawning more than a lot of political debate. Not only did two demonstrators get engaged last week, but now, another Occupy couple is in the spotlight.

You may have heard about the September 24 incident in which NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna pepper-sprayed a cluster of women without warning. Well, the event's reverberating effects have been many -- demonstrators have gotten even more riled up, people watching the video online have gotten fired up, too. But one of the young women, Kaylee Dedrick, a teacher's aide who was a victim in the event, has found love as a result.

Right after the attack, Robert Grodt, an activist, journalist, and volunteer medic for the group's march up to Union Square, rushed to Kaylee's aid. He was able to take her inside a nearby movie theater, where a utility closet doubled as an emergency room for the pair.


And as you can imagine, the Florence Nightingale effect took over, and the two fell for one another hard and fast. Aaaawww.

Soon after Kaylee was feeling better, they spent some time on the theater's roof, venting about the police brutality they had just encountered. And although they were both enraged, they've since concluded that what occurred was probably best for the movement. Well, that definitely is one way of looking at it. It also seems like, on a personal level, they have the horrifying incident to thank for bringing them together.

As Grodt told the NY Daily News, "Nothing strengthens a relationship like a chemical agent!" Hey, well, at least they can have a sense of humor about the whole thing, huh? But in all seriousness, it's awesome that two came together by standing up for a cause they both very much believe in. There's nothing like sharing that kind of passion with someone else, and having that be the impetus for romance. In the end, their love story may not have the most conventional -- or necessarily sunny -- of beginnings, but it's definitely a compelling one.

What do you think about this love story?


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