Dust Storm Bride & Groom Handle Catastrophe Like a Couple Truly in Love (VIDEO)

dust storm weddingBefore Gus and Jennifer Luna tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony in Arizona this summer, they probably considered a few things like how it will be a billion degrees, or how it might rain, or how poor old Mee Maw won't be able to make it down the rocky path -- stuff like that -- but they probably didn't consider the possibility of a massive dust storm the size of a small state blowing through their nuptials. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened. While standing at the altar exchanging their vows, Gus spotted the mammoth cloud coming toward them and knew everyone was in for it.

The look on his face is priceless.


You can see him mouth "Oh my God," which pretty much sums it up. They and all their guests got blasted. But! They soldiered on. Jen and Gus finished up the ceremony outside, her veil flapping violently, their mouths filling with dust, until they were officially announced husband and wife. You may now wipe the dust off your lips and kiss the bride ... if you can find her. Kinda dusty out here.

I would've headed for cover and popped a bottle of champagne until the whole thing blew over, but I'm weak compared to these two indomitable lovebirds. Gotta admire their sticktoitiveness -- they weren't letting anything get between them. They're in it for the long-haul! Too bad it took a dust storm to demonstrate that, but hey, at least family and friends know that it's going to take a lot to ever tear these two apart.

And listen, it's good luck. Whenever anything bad happens on a wedding day, it's always considered a sign of good fortune. Dust storms included. So, yay! The couple is still laughing about their wedding day disaster and say that there's a bright side: They always know where to find their wedding video. It's on YouTube.

Watch it all go down:

What would you have done?


Photo via YouTube

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