Monster Sandstorm on Wedding Day Is Good Luck for This Happy Couple (VIDEO)

sand storm weddingOne of the more common superstitions is that rain on your wedding day is good luck. But does the same thing apply for monster sandstorms that unexpectedly barrel through a wedding ceremony much to the chagrin of everyone in attendance?

A couple in Arizona will discover this for themselves after their outdoor wedding was interrupted by a huge sandstorm last month. The weather was clear at the start of the ceremony; but midway through, the wind picked up intensely and the air darkened with dust, causing them to cut the whole thing short. It's far from a picture perfect wedding day as you can see from the video. But the good news is that there is a beautiful silver lining ...


If you watch the video, the couple totally takes it in stride.

The groom, despite having swallowed a bucketful of sand by the end of the video, gives a jovial "let's get the hell out of here" hand signal. The bride, too, should have been miserable: Her veil is whipping around her head and her perfectly coiffed hair has come undone, but she's smiling all the way through it. She told the local TV station:

At first, I was a little upset about it, but at the same time, what are you going to do? It’s the weather.

Can I marry this woman? Any other bride would have thrown a tantrum that her perfect day was ruined.

As most married people will tell you, marriage is a journey that includes just as many "sandstorms" as it does days of perfect, cloudless weather. That this couple were able to maintain a good perspective -- while their eyes stung with sand -- suggests that they might be able to handle whatever married life throws at them in the years to come.


Image via YouTube

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