Romantic In-Flight Proposal Came With Surprise Bonus (VIDEO)

Romantic proposals are a dime a dozen these days, but romantic proposals that have an ulterior motive are something new and somewhat genius. I wish my husband had thought of it 10 years ago when he popped the question!

Arvin Shandiz met Alexandra Williams on board a Delta flight in 2010 and decided to relive their meeting for the proposal when they got engaged over the weekend on the same LaGuardia-bound flight. Shandiz used the loudspeaker to propose to his girlfriend and then gave free champagne to everyone. It's adorable, romantic, and a surefire way to make new friends.

It's also genius because guess who also scored a free honeymoon? See below:


Soon after this, Delta told the couple they could fly anywhere on their dime for their honeymoon. Pretty sweet, eh?

The real question is this: Did Shandiz do it for the free tickets? Oh I know it's cynical of me to wonder and I don't judge either way. I just wish I had thought of it myself. Plane tickets are sometimes nearly half the cost of a vacation!

Kudos to Delta for stepping up, too. It isn't very often that an airline does something that we can actually respect, but hey, they brought this couple together, why not also be part of their honeymoon?

Delta is like the official sponsor of this couple. And while I am jealous, I can't help but think that these two really look like they will go the distance. And who doesn't love a happy ending?

Do you think this was a good proposal?


Image via YouTube

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