There Is Always Someone (Even for Ugly People!)

Diane Keaton was with Woody Allen for a decade in the 1970s, and while most of us have assumed it was because of his great humor -- after all, dude is most certainly not a looker -- we were wrong. Keaton reveals in a new memoir called Then Again that she was drawn to his body.

Yes, this proves beyond a doubt that there is someone for everyone. Keaton wrote of Allen: "He was even better-looking in real life. He had a great body, and he was physically very graceful."

Yes, that is Woody Allen we are talking about. And it goes to a theory I have. There are so many couples in which the woman is much better looking than the man and sometimes even the opposite -- when the man is much better looking than the woman. It has always been puzzling: Do they know the other isn't attractive? Or do they not care?


Now it seems that maybe the answer is something different altogether. Maybe they don't think that person is ugly. If you take issue with the word ugly, we can say unattractive or lacking in physical beauty or any other PC way of getting it across. But the fact is, some people are simply not blessed in the physical appearance department, and Allen, bless his heart, is one of them.

So what gives?

We could pretend like all the people who date people less attractive than them are deeper than the rest of us and don't care about looks. But I think that is hooey. I actually think it's something else. Maybe they see something we don't. Maybe that super hot guy with the broad shoulders, deep tan, and 6'2" frame actually has a foot fetish and his thin-haired, small-breasted girlfriend has luscious feet. Or maybe that overweight man with the pimples on his face has beautiful hands that appeal to his amazonian model girlfriend.

The fact is, different physical traits appeal to different people. But to say that we're solely attracted to a lover's humor or intelligence or wit seems a little insincere. There always has to be an element of physical attraction in every relationship even if it isn't immediately obvious to everyone.

What about the couple in which both people are obviously physically unattractive? Then what? Even then, there is something -- long, thick hair or soft skin or nice breasts -- that draws attention. Sometimes, even when the package is unappealing to a traditional sense of beauty, there is something there that will drive someone crazy.

Attraction can't be explained. But it does explain why there is someone for everyone.

Do you think people who date conventionally unattractive people are deeper?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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