Your Social Media Addiction Is Ruining Your Marriage

Everyone has a Facebook account these days. In fact, my brother's cat has his own account (although his updates are sadly lackluster). But along with learning who recently ate a burrito for lunch, it turns out that Facebook and other social networking sites are being named as cause for ruining many marriages.

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Facebook use is now cited in one in five of every US divorce cases. Over 80 percent of divorce lawyers claim that the rising use of social media has become the catalyst for extramarital affairs.

But really does Facebook cause divorce?


The thrill of being acquainted with old friends can be enough of a turn-on to spark casual conversations. Those personal conversations, between two emotionally available people, can lead to a deepened sense of intimacy which can lead to actual physical contact.

It's highly unlikely that a harmless Facebook poke is given with the idea of conducting an extramarital affair. It's more likely that these people, some of whom have previously dated, are interested in catching up on old times, and these personal interactions can lead to deeper, more meaningful connections.

These connections can easily turn sexual and suggestive, as online connections have a way of becoming more personal and emotional more quickly. If your personal partnership is no longer fulfilling you, it's easy to turn to people who "knew you way back when" and establish a new connection, rather than facing marital problems.

It's incredibly simple for online media to become a safe haven to hide from actual, real-life problems. Which is precisely what Facebook offers you. Where else can you easily reconnect with someone with whom you haven't spoken in 20 years? How much easier does it feel to type words into a keyboard rather than say to your partner, "I'm having a problem with our relationship."

The answer is, of course, MUCH EASIER.

Facebook, of course, doesn't cause divorce, but it certainly makes it easier. Yikes!

What do you think? Does Facebook cause divorce?

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