Married Couple in Their 90s Dies Holding Hands

norma gordon yeagerYou're going to want me to talk about The Notebook, and how this is soooo similar, but I'm not going to. The Notebook was fake. This is real. The end. Let's continue. Norma and Gordon Yeager had been married for 72 years. The day of their high school graduation on May 22, 1939, the lovebirds tied the knot and promised 'til death do they part. And they meant it. Last week, Norma, 90, and Gordon, 94, died within one hour of each other, in side-by-side hospital beds, holding hands.


Their three children shared with the Des Monies news that their parents were inseparable. Wherever Norma was, there too was Gordon. Yeah, there were spats over the years, but they never left each other's side. Their kids say they were traditional, but I think it's pretty clear these two were deeply in love. Theirs is a kind of love Nicholas Sparks could only dream about. It's the kind of love that makes people believe

No, I don't know them. But still. It's inspiring.

Gordon and Norma were on their way into town when they got in a car accident. Both were taken to the hospital and placed in intensive care. The doctors and nurses knew better than to separate the two and decided to place their beds next to one another. Barely conscious, Norma and Gordon managed to find each other's hands and take hold.

The children at their parents' side, Gordon stopped breathing first. Everyone was a little confused, though, because while the life had left his body, his heart monitor showed that he still had a pulse. After a minute or two, the nurses discovered that it was Norma's heartbeat pulsing through Gordon's hand that was registering on the machine. He died at 3:38 p.m. with Norma's heart beating through him. She died exactly one hour later at 4:38 p.m.

We don't hear love stories like Norma and Gordon's anymore. We hear about lying, cheating, and divorce. Hopefully there are couples all over the world who share a similar story because I'd like to live in a world where this is the norm and not the exception.

Don't you?


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