'DWTS' Karina Smirnoff Puts Her Partner Before Her Fiance

karina smirnoff jr martinezDancing With the Stars beauty Karina Smirnoff has had a somewhat turbulent love life. Remember how, for some reason, she thought it would be a good idea to hook up with her one time dancing partner, the sleaze-meister player Mario Lopez? Then, she was engaged to fellow dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and at one point, they postponed their nuptials, only to break up! Oh man ... if you've been keeping up, you know she's now engaged again to baseball player Brad Penny.

But she recently shared that they'll be postponing the wedding, and the reason is ... well, another man! J.R. Martinez, that is, her dance partner and the DWTS current front runner. Smirnoff said that she simply doesn't have time for planning the wedding and needs to focus on winning that coveted disco ball with Martinez.


She said:

There's absolutely no time. I want to enjoy this and I want to enjoy the wedding and doing it together is just really hard. ... Once [Dancing] is over, we're going to concentrate on the rest of the life.

You know ... although, this does raise the question as to whether or not her relationship with Penny is really destined for forever, I totally get what she's saying. It could very well be that she simply wants to devote her time to her career and the DWTS competition right now.

And if I were in her position, I'd do the same thing. There's absolutely no shame in shifting things around and putting your career before your wedding day, if you need to. After all, judging from what I've seen my friends deal with, planning a wedding can turn into a career of its own! No one wants to only be able to do a mediocre job at two different things you're passionate about and want to turn out beautifully. Besides, if the sacrifice is about something close to your heart -- like winning with J.R. surely is for Karina -- your family, friends, and especially fiance should definitely understand.

Karina's got the right idea. She and J.R. do have a HUGE chance at the grand prize! It would be the same thing as Penny postponing their wedding, if it happened to interfere with his playoffs, right? Because, in the end, as long as these two are on the same page, I'm sure their wedding planning and actual "I do"s -- whenever they happen -- will be a huge success.

Have you or would you put off wedding planning for your career?


Image via ABC

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