Couple Weds in Coffee Shop Parking Lot, Sets Wedding Location Fad

drive thru weddingA couple in Chico, California decided to get married where they met. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending how you look at it, the pair met at a Dutch Brothers Coffee shop on a blind date. Over their two-year courtship, Ethan Cole and his bride Bryer would meet at the coffee shop to fill their cups, and their hearts, with comfort and warmth as they fell in love.

So when it came time to propose, Ethan naturally popped the question at the Dutch Brothers drive-thru. And when it came time to marry, they of course decided to tie the knot in the parking lot of their favorite place to get a caffeinated brew. Even though they didn't ask me, I approve.


I think it's a sweet idea. Now. Would I choose to make a lifelong commitment of love with a drive-thru box cracking in the background? Negatory. But maybe I'd feel differently if I'd met my husband there. I like that Ethan and Bryer got creative with their nuptials and expressed some personality. Really makes the day special, you know? Not sure what the 75 guests thought about standing in a coffee shop drive-thru, but the best part about a wedding is that the guests have no say whatsoever.

It would be kinda cool if all couples had to get married where they met. It would make weddings sooo much more fun to attend. There'd be weddings in bars, produce aisles, airplanes from JFK to LAX, and elevators. With the number of couples meeting online these days, I'm sure there'd be a ton of ceremonies in restaurants perfect for first dates, and park benches that are easily found near a lake in a park.

Oooh, when I was on jury duty once, two lovebirds seemed to hit it off. A courtroom would be such a convenient place to marry! Then there's the laundromat, the subway, and let's not rule out how many high school/college campuses we'd have revisit to witness the exchange of "I do"s.

If celebrities had to play by our rules, I'm sure there'd be a ton of weddings on movie or TV sets and/or the Chateau Marmont. In Britney Spears' case, she probably would've had to have wed ex Kevin Federline in a Jack in the Box, or KFC, or gas station bathroom. And knowing my luck, I'd have to get married in one of those places, as well. See? Some of these weddings would rock!

Let's make it a rule you have to marry your spouse wherever you first met him or her. Are you in?


Photo via lettawren/Flickr

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