Marine Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal in Most Unexpected Place (VIDEO)

military proposalLeianna Seals thought she was just one of the hundreds of military wives and girlfriends gathered in San Diego for the annual Military Ball Gown Giveaway on Sunday. But she started to get a little suspicious when she was plucked from the incredibly long line so she could choose her dress first (a red gown), followed by receiving some special makeup. She deduced that she must have been the winner of some contest she didn't know she had entered.

But when her boyfriend, Marine Lance Cpl. William Bell, showed up -- and popped the question in front of everyone -- she quickly learned that he was, in fact, the one who won a contest.


Bell, along with tons of other Marines, entered a contest that asked him to "share his love story." He wrote a moving essay about how he and Leianna met in high school in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the town. He won a $2,000 gift certificate to Robbins Brothers to buy the engagement ring he proposed with, the red ball gown, as well as the wedding dress of Leianna's choice.

Woo-hoo! Well-deserved, guys. Between Katrina and the Marines, you both have been through enough. So glad to see something wonderful happening to you. And you really look like you appreciate it.

Check out the happy couple. They are definitely the most adorable thing you will see all day.


I mean, seriously, how cute are they?


Image via NBC

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