Cooler Temps Mean It’s Time to Get Under a Hot Snuggle Bunny

Winter romanceI am not a cold weather person. I am not. I do not love the bristling wind nipping at my nose. I do not love having to bundle up to go to the car to get something I forgot or run to the corner store for a half gallon of milk. I do not throw on party clothes and heels — sorry in advance to the friends whose birthdays or weddings fall in between November and March — and I don’t do much of anything that doesn’t fall squarely under the category of “groceries,” “carryout,” or “laundry.”

Aside from random snow days off from work and cute leather boots, cold weather is only good for one thing: boo lovin’ season. That means it’s time to grab your guy, a blanket, a DVD collection, and spend your downtime snuggled up on the sofa together. Another bright spot: in the winter, sweats become sexy. They’re easy access for when cuddling spills over into third base. 


Unlike the spring and summer, when I’m busy ripping and tearing on road trips and girlfriend outings and family visits to historical sites that Teen Girl has no genuine interest in but is forced to go to anyway, winter makes me take pause and settle down for a little while. Scratch that — a long while, because those cold Mid-Atlantic months sure do know how to drag on and on. It’s a good opportunity to have some heart-to-heart date time with The Man, minus the distraction of all the fun things we depend on the sun and balmy temps for in the better half of the year.

He loves it, incidentally, because although he’s not a summer weather lover at all, he doesn’t mind sparking up body heat on the sofa. Plus we use the chance to sharpen our competitive spirit. We have cook-offs to see who can make the best spaghetti — but alas, we don’t have contests to see who can do the most crunches or push-ups to burn it off — and we wear out the Scrabble and Boggle boards to take trash talking to a whole other level.

Those long hours on the couch also give us a chance to talk. You know, without all the distraction of being at some outdoor activity or long-haul car ride. It’s time to get to know what really makes each other tick. Last year, we hashed out our stances on the death penalty and abortion, which had us standing on common ground, and then blasted through heated debate about interracial dating before we rested our respective cases over a bowl of homemade beef stew that we made together. That was a great memory-making day, and it was made it even better because we really didn’t do diddly squat.

All of the time cooped up inside conversing and sharing when it’s colder than a hustler’s heart outside gives you a heads up on what your relationship is really made of. If you can be holed up with your boo while sinister subzero temps swirl like a barricade beyond the door and come out on the other side of spring still liking each other and getting along, well then hot diggity. That’s half the battle of everlasting love right there.

What are your favorite things to do with your sweetie during cuddle season?  

Image via Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr

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