Want a Better Sex Life? Take Yoga

meditation circleHave you ever heard of a yogasm? It may sound like the punchline to a joke, but having an orgasm in yoga class is apparently rather real and slowly becoming all the rage. In studios across New York and California, women are coming into class to bend, breathe, and strengthen their bodies and coming out of class, well, very satisfied.

It's not the goal of yoga, but it seems to be happening more and more, and it's not just women who benefit. Men can, too. On a physical and biological level, it makes sense. When a yoga teacher tells you to squeeze your pelvic muscles, or pull up from your root chakra, or whatever woo-woo words they use, you are, essentially, working your pelvic floor muscles, also known as doing Kegel exercises

Knowing this can help you and your partner feel tingly and sexier than you ever felt before. And that's good for when you're not in yoga class too, because honestly, it might be weird to have an orgasm in yoga class. 


Regardless of if you do it on a mat or on a mattress, strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and concentrating on your breathing are two ways to enhance your orgasmic capacity and produce those biggest! bestest! orgasms ever. And that's whether you go to yoga class or not. And if you do go to yoga class, BONUS!, because focusing on those muscles for an extended period of time has massive benefits for post-class workouts too. In fact, one patchouli-loving famed NYC yoga instructor, Marco Rojas, told the Daily Beast:

One woman who attended a class where we focused a lot on mula bandha came back the next day and told me she was able to orgasm for the first time with her boyfriend of six years.

The point is, focusing on breathing and squeezing and releasing the muscles around your perineum will take focus away from your brain and bring it to the places in your body you need to go to O. 

So next time you're doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel, play a game of squeeze and release during sexy times. Whether it's intercourse, fingers, or toys, squeeze around your partner, a finger, a toy, and release. Have him squeeze back. After you've got the hang of that, start breathing together. Long, deep breaths and not short, shallow ones. If you keep doing it, I promise, oh, the places you'll go. 

You can call it a yogasm, an orgasm, or just plain fun, but whatever you call it, breathing and squeezing, in public or private, it's where it's at. 

Have you ever experienced a yogasm?

image via lululemon athletica/Flickr

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