Moving Truck at Ashton & Demi's Spells Divorce

demi mooreThe saga continues for Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore -- a moving truck was spotted outside of their L.A. home yesterday. Looks like Ashton's someone's moving out before Demi someone decides to get violent and start throwing things. The truck company declined to comment on why they were there, but it doesn't take a relationship expert to figure out that when there are rumors that a husband has cheated on his wife with a woman half her age and a moving van shows up, divorce is just around the corner.

And besides staring in a reality show where we watch Dr. Drew try to help Ashton and Demi save their marriage, a move-out and a divorce is the best thing they could do.


I kind of liked them together and really wouldn't be opposed to them working things out, but the evidence against Ashton is pretty damning. I'd find it hard to forgive someone if they betrayed me so flagrantly, so I can't blame Demi for kicking the chump out of the house. (OK I'm just assuming that Ashton's the one moving out, but come on. It has to be him, not her, right?)

It's probably one of the hardest things you can go through in a relationship, the moving-out day, and kudos to Demi for ripping the band-aid off fast and furiously. Signing divorce papers and all that jazz can't be a picnic either, but the day the trucks show up and start emptying your house of things you were so familiar with, and the love you were so familiar with, I think that pain and shock is way more difficult to bear than putting your signature next to those hateful colored tabs.

Move-out day, while possibly the worst day of your life, also signifies the beginning of a new one. It's a dark but necessary step to moving on. Now that Demi's pulled the trigger, she can start to slowly but surely recover. It's a long process, but I bet she'll be fine. I mean, she's super hot, and she's Demi goddamn Moore for crying out loud. Glad to see that she's taken swift action to get move-out day out of the way so she can begin healing.

I hear that Leo's single. And so is Gerard Butler. Juuust saying.

What do you think is the hardest thing about a split?


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