If Having Sex Could Pay Your Bills, Would You Do It?

lisa ling talks to amateur porn stars berkley and tylerWe've all dealt with the recession and unemployment rate in different ways. But for one young couple, personal and economic circumstances lead them to doing something that's certainly, err, out of the ordinary to create a better life for their toddler. 24-year-old Tyler and 21-year-old Berkley -- who are featured on the upcoming season premiere of Our America With Lisa Ling -- had been dating off and on for about five years when Berkley got pregnant at 19. Without a college degree, Berkley could only get short-term work as a cocktail waitress in a night club, and Tyler said he was only getting jobs that made less than $350 a week.

But that all changed when they discovered they could make a decent living and support their daughter more comfortably by performing amateur sex sessions online. They just tried it out one night and found that they could make $300 in 30 minutes! 


Now, the couple does it live for up to three hours, five nights a week via webcam and takes home about $1,000 a week! Wow!

Although Tyler and Berkley say their main motivation is to "live a comfortable, happy life" and make sure their child isn't broke, what they have to say and what they're doing is obviously going to strike the wrong chord with plenty of people. But I can totally understand why they're making porn. They really seem to have the absolute best intentions. What's more, it doesn't sound like their parenting is being compromised in any way by their new career. They film in their bedroom around midnight, while their daughter sleeps in another part of the house. Tyler explains:

We keep a baby monitor turned down really low so if we do hear a rustling or anything ... we'll sign out, go tend to her and usually come right back to work.

And it's definitely WORK! It sounds like by actually shooting themselves having sex, their sex life is well ... shot!

Because it is a job for us to have sex with one another, sex outside of work doesn't really happen. It's a total sex killer.

That's a total bummer! But hey, it definitely proves their hearts are in the right place. They're doing this for the well-being of their baby, and could you blame any parent for doing something perfectly legal (albeit risque) to provide for their kid? I wouldn't.

But at the same time, it's good to hear that Tyler and Berkley are seeing this as a temporary gig. Tyler says they have a goal in mind to eventually make enough money to go to college or trade school and stop doing porn, hopefully before their daughter is old enough to start school. Good for them! I wish them the best of luck.

What do you think about what Tyler and Berkley are doing for their daughter?


Image via Oprah.com

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