71-Year-Old Party Girl Shows Younger Gals How to Keep It Spicy

Rita Daniels
This is the face of a good time girl
It’s 7:00 p.m. Do you know where your grandmother is? Please do yourself — and the innocent public — a favor and make sure she’s not saddle blasting some man on the seat of a Buick. Sounds like a no-brainer (no pun intended, I swear). If you have the kind of granny who bakes cookies or maybe, if she’s kinda wild, goes line dancing at a local nightspot, be thankful.

Rita Daniels is not one of those women.

The 71-year-old, silver-haired vixen was caught buck booty naked having sex in her car with a 54-year-old man she’d just met at a bar. When a police officer opened the door to ask what they were doing, her jumpoff — who, by my calculations, is young enough to be her son — got attitudey with the cop for interrupting their bad romance. I’m sure the officer has seen some gruesome things, but drunk senior citizen car sex might be the clincher.


Incidentally, a Google search of Rita Daniels’ name turns up all kinds of seedy, suggestive sites about MILFs and over 50 pornography. I can’t bring myself to click on any, but I’m praying it’s just a weird coincidence.

I, like a lot of my friends, hope and pray that by the time I get into my golden years, I am still holding onto spry and sexy for all their worth. I vow that I’ll still be rockin’ my four-inch stilettos, even if I have to accessorize them with a cane. And I certainly hope that I’ll be able to catch the eye of a handsome gentleman here and there as I strut along. But taking dudes back to the Buick to get it in in a shopping center parking lot is just not on the list.

I don’t know whether to slap the woman a high five or tell her to go sit her hot tail down somewhere.

From what it looks like in the pictures, Ms. Rita must do yoga. Because I know younger chicks — including myself, I cannot tell a lie — who would have difficulty drumming up the balance and stamina to maintain that there position against the steering wheel for longer than a minute or two. And who knows? Maybe that’s all it took to get the job done. But from the looks of the mugshot, one person is a satisfied customer and the other one… not so much.

Even more disturbing: they didn’t even know each others’ names. Until they were booked, charged, and the subject of blog chit chat, of course.

Have you ever been caught in the act? Do I dare ask what happened? 

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