Emily Maynard Should Keep Ignoring Silly Brad Womack

emily maynard & brad womackAh, the good old days.Maybe we should've realized Brad Womack had some issues during his first season on The Bachelor. The dude dissed both ladies at the end, which was totally fine, but the fact that he went back on the show is what made me lose respect for the guy. Why go through the process again that was so unsuccessful the first time? Yeah, he supposedly changed or whatever, but he and his second season fiance Emily Maynard didn't last. We all remember that awkward interview on the after-show. Oof.

Anywhoosle, Brad's still not doing himself any favors -- Us Weekly reports that he's been calling Emily non-stop. Apparently, he's got a fever and the only prescription is more Emily. But Brad needs to calm down.


Supposedly, the 38-year-old Texan is not happy that Emily has moved on. She's been linked with millionaire David Smith and with Carolina Panther Jeremy Shockey, but Brad's only been seen with a cellphone, a tail between his legs, and a fifth of whisky since the split. He needs to come to terms, yo.

Because if there's one thing Emily isn't, it's weak. She's been through a lot for her age and she doesn't have the time to waste with sappy phone calls from her ex. Emily's so strong, she might've well written the breakup mantra, a list of 10 essential rules for getting over an ex delineated delightfully in the book A Sassy Little Guide to Getting Over Him.

Em's following rules five through seven that say if your ex tries to reach out, you will ignore and you will not reach back. It's the fastest way to get over someone I do believe, even if it's the hard way. Also, if anyone calls non-stop, that's pretty messed up. Wouldn't want to be with anyone who does that. Weirdos.

I think Brad needs to read the breakup mantra and start playing by the rules because he's starting to look like a crazy person. I swear to god if he convinces ABC to let him star in his third season of The Bachelor ...

What are your rules for a smooth split?


Photo via abc.com

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