Birth Control Pills Lead You to Mr. Wrong

birth control pillsMore proof that birth control pills can be evil: Women who are on the drug tend to choose partners who are less attractive and worse in bed. Oh, but take heart -- apparently, these guys are also "a sounder bet for a long-term relationship." Huh?? Well, the study, done by researchers at Stirling University in Scotland, found that of about 1,000 women who were on the pill, most had longer relationships -- by two years on average -- and were less likely to separate.

Sure, that's good news! But the fact that at the same time, they were "less satisfied with the sexual aspects of their relationship" is disturbing! What's the point of being with someone longer if you're not that attracted to your partner and you have a terrible sex life? Researchers are not painting a happy picture about hormonal birth control here for ladies.


The findings, however, are not at all surprising. It's well-known that birth control obliterates hormones that trigger our natural responses to the opposite sex. The researchers even said that the Pill skews our subconscious "chemistry." Earlier research has shown that women on hormonal contraceptives, who lack the hormonal ebbs and flows of the menstrual cycle, tend to choose genetically similar men. Whereas women who aren't on it are more likely to pick a genetically different guy when they're ovulating (and genetically similar ones when we're not). It's simply nature's way: The less similar you are to your mate genetically, the higher the tendency for your baby to be healthier and have a better chance of survival.

In other words, the Pill can be like a bad curse trying to steer us toward the WRONG guy! Totally freaky to think it really could influence who you fall for and end up shaping your love and sex life. GAH.

If you have any feeling at all that the Pill is screwing with your mind and sex drive, the fix, say researchers, is to do a trial off of it (instead using condoms or a natural method of birth control) for the reassurance for a few months before saying "I do." Given the research, the experiment doesn't seem like such a bad idea!

What do you think about the Pill influencing partner choice?


Image via Monik Markus/Flickr

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