Soldier Who Lost 3 Limbs Has Most Beautiful Wedding

triple amputeeIt would take a lot to make Tyler Southern give up hope. After both his legs and an arm were amputated after an IED explosion left him with massive injuries last year in Afghanistan, the 22-year-old solider says he's "chronically happy" and sees no reason to get off the "happy horse." His life was changed forever in May of 2010, but Southern told The Huffington Post that "crying ain't going to grow anything back" and that he's excited about his physical rehabilitation.

But prosthetics and workouts aren't the only thing keeping this guy going, he married his girlfriend in July.


Clearly, Tyler is a special guy whose sunny outlook seems contagious. Of his bride, Ashely, he gushed:

The fact that she's able to deal with me well enough to say that she'll marry me is something big so I'm excited to just take that next step.

I think a lot of us can relate to feeling so thankful to have found our significant others, and Tyler's no different. What makes him stand out though is that he has every reason to be a pissed off, belligerent guy with nothing but hate for the world and hate for himself. But he chose to be happy and make the best out of his situation. Now that's admirable.

For the next year and a half, Tyler will be at Walter Reed in Bethesda, Maryland working on his strength and fitness. After that, he plans on pursuing a career in the Marine Corp's public affairs office.

Ashley and Tyler will no doubt face a lot of the same challenges most married couples encounter, but something tells me that with Tyler's determination and chronic happiness, these two will be just fine.

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