5 Ways Life Sucks After a Breakup

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It would suck to be this guy's ex.
Once in a while, when I've thought about everything there is to think about, I think of Justin Theroux's ex-girlfriend, the very pretty Heidi Bivens, and I feel bad for her. 'Cause, man, it's gotta suck to be her. Imagine watching your once live-in boyfriend of 14 years gallivanting around New York City like it's his personal playground with the very pretty, very rich Jennifer Anison. Ouch.

Well, unsurprisingly, it turns out she doesn't like it. Not one bit. In fact, she wants Justin, Jennifer, and their all black-clad love-fest to get the hell out of town. Her town. Heidi's friend recently told Us Weekly: "[Heidi] doesn't want to know anything about him and Jen, though she'd like a heads-up on any marriage or baby news. She wishes they'd leave NYC already. It's hard to move on, knowing they're in the same city."

I feel for you, girl. Except ... most of us live in the same city as our exes. And we (hopefully) manage to move on.


Granted, I realize most of us don't have to be privy to every move our ex makes with the fancier, more powerful version of you, but still. The fact that they're in the same city shouldn't matter too much. If and when Justin and Jen decide to go back to LA, Heidi is still going to see their faces plastered all over tabloids.

As somebody who's experienced a breakup or two in her day -- none quite like Heidi's -- this got me thinking: What are the crappiest things one has to deal with after breaking up with someone? Here's what I came up with.

Learning (or seeing) that he or she is dating someone new. Even if you were the person who did the breaking up, it still kind of sucks when you hear that they've moved on, because -- how could anyone ever get over you?

Bumping into them with your new guy or gal. Awk-ward! (And, yes, I realize that this is where the whole "not living in the same city" thing would be convenient.)

Getting rid of their crap. If it was a messy breakup, this is typically done in a fit of rage. If it was a sad breakup, then it makes the whole thing even sadder. Either way, it's really not a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Sundays. This was a hard one for me, at least. When a long-term boyfriend and I finally ended our horribly toxic relationship, the worst day of the week was Sunday. It was the one day we were always guaranteed to hang out. And even though we weren't necessarily in love during all of these Sundays, we were together. And when you suddenly find yourself alone when you're used to always being together, well, it kinda sucks.

Meeting someone new who doesn't measure up. You're up, you're out there, you're dating. Annnd you can't find anybody as good as your ex. It's the worst, because you're really making the effort to move on, but the universe is just not letting you. Or, more likely, you're not letting you.

What do you think the worst thing about breaking up is?


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