Kim Kardashian Needs a Divorce From Mom Kris Jenner

kim kardashian kris humphries kissLast night, on an extended version of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Kim's Fairytale Wedding: Part 1, we saw some of the behind-the-scenes drama leading up to the August nuptials of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Plenty of the major drama centered around Kris feeling that Kim was planning their big day with mom Kris Jenner and basically just telling him what the two of them had already decided. At one point, tensions were running so high that Kris Humphries snapped at Kim, "You guys should just marry each other!" WHOA. And later, he elaborated that he doesn't want to end up in the passenger seat ... oh no, actually, more like the back seat of their relationship, like fellow Keeping Up partners Scott Disick and Bruce Jenner.

Initially, Kim got defensive, telling her fiance that she's been planning this big dream wedding for decades (despite the fact that she's been married once before) ... likely with the help and guidance of Kris Jenner.


But later, she realized she needed to actually get his seal of approval on the venue (at least). Annoying!! The way she was acting with her mother is probably one of the worst mistakes you can do when planning your wedding.

Sure, there are guys who say they don't really need to be or even want to be involved in the planning. (Guys who say the latter probably aren't worth making into husbands, but that's certainly the bride's prerogative to marry a majorly hands-off man.) But you're marrying THEM. Not your mother. (Or your wedding planner or your best friend for that matter.) So why on earth would you put your "dream plans" into action without the help of your dream partner? Don't get me wrong. It makes sense to perhaps bring your mom with you to check out a venue or ask her what she thinks about the flower arrangements ... get her feedback, sure. But ultimately, final decisions should be made as a couple.

What we saw go down last night illustrated a very co-dependent relationship between an adult woman and her control freak mother. What's worse, it seems, in situations like this ... the bride and her mama aren't only in cahoots on wedding plans. That's usually just an indication of things to come ... which isn't a healthy foundation for a marriage at ALL. If she wants to keep her relationship afloat, Kim better learn fast that major decisions should be made with your partner -- NOT your parent.

Do you agree that we should make major decisions (wedding-related or otherwise) with our partners and not our parents?


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