Husband Stealer Rachel Uchitel Finally Saves a Marriage

David Boreanaz
David Boreanaz
Seems unbelievable that Rachel Uchitel, the "most famous mistress on the planet," could save a dude's marriage. However, it appears her adulteress adventures with one particular rich, married celebrity has resulted in a happy ending. No, we're not talking about golfer Tiger Woods. He may still be in a very public battle against out-of-control wieners, but Elin Nordegren has not decided to forgive her cheating ex. Hell no. The marriage Uchitel actually saved is that of Bones and former Buffy star David Boreanaz.

I know. It seems crazy, but it's true. Here's how Rachel worked her marriage-saving magic.


Married actor David Boreanaz and father of two admitted cheating on his wife, former Playboy Playmate Jaime Bergman, with Rachel Uchitel back in May 2010, after he says his mistress "asked for money." At first Uchitel denied the affair but later came clean as well. Turns out that very affair and being up front and honest about it worked brilliantly for Boreanaz's marriage.

Boreanaz tells TV Week that the affair has been:

... a bonding experience, in the long run ...

In a sacred ground like marriage, you find yourself out of it at certain times for reasons unknown that can be destructive. There could be a demon that kind of comes out and overtakes you.

A "demon" huh? Hmm. I call B.S. on his "devil made me do it" explanation, but I'll save that for another time.

It's definitely not unheard of that the emotional blow of an affair can be just the thing to wake up a married couple who's been emotionally disconnected. I think, especially for women who cheat, an affair can be a cry for help within a marriage they truly want to save. Probably for many men, too. However, I think for both, there is also that tricky and difficult element of having their cake and eating it too and the need for an ego boost in a marriage that has been unkept.

Seems like it would be much harder to overcome an ongoing emotional and physical affair like Boreanaz had with Uchitel rather than a foolish one-night stand; however, it also seems Boreanaz and Bergman are proving even that can be overcome, if both parties put in the work.

Yay, Rachel Uchitel, maybe you're a miracle worker after all!

Do you think a marriage can actually survive the emotional roller coaster of an extra-marital affair?


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