The Surprising Thing Men Actually Like About Women

Women in charge often get a bad name. They are called ball busters or accused of emasculating their men if they run better or play softball better or make more money or do any of the traditional "masculine" things better than their spouse. In actuality, though, few men are really emasculated by it and many find it a giant turn-on.

"Accomplishment is sexy," one male friend told me when I posed this question. And the fact is, for a confident, secure man, it is. A woman who can do it all and look good doing it is obviously a woman who would be in demand. After all, we women don't want men who are content to stay in the background and play second fiddle, so why would they?

Examples of this abound. One recent one is the woman who caught a record-breaking catfish when her man was the one who actually loved to fish.


She took up the sport to be near him and she ended up doing it better. Luckily, her boyfriend, who is pictured grinning beside her and helped her reel the fish in, doesn't seem too bothered.

Why should he be?

A secure man LIKES a woman who does things better than he does. I run much faster than my husband because I practice a lot more. And even though he was a Division One track athlete, that fact doesn't bother him. He is secure.

He also always jokes that if I made more, he would love it. A good marriage is a true partnership in which both people do some things better and some things worse than the other. My husband is much better at math and any other sport besides running. And yes, he makes quite a bit more than I do and there is a part of me that wishes that were not so, but I am glad at least one of us makes a lot!

A good relationship uses the strengths of both partners in the union. If a man is too insecure to let his woman shine, he is clearly not worth being around. But the good news is: Most men do.

Does your husband care if you make more?

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