Nancy Shevell & Paul McCartney's Marriage Will Last Forever

nancy shevell & paul mccartneyPaul McCartney doesn't think he's got to hey! hide his love away for fiance Nancy Shevell. The pair have been dating for over three years and rumor has it that on Sunday, October 9 they're going to marry at a town hall in central London in front of an intimate group of 30 friends and family members. It's the same place he married his first wife Linda Eastman back in 1969, and Sunday is also John Lennon's birthday -- he would be 71.

Shevell, a 51-year-old American heiress, is a great match for Paul and I'm happy for the two but man, don't you think Paul, 69, is a little nutty for wanting to get married again? I mean, after the whole Heather Mills divorce ...


Don't you'd think he'd be a little gun-shy? He lost $40 million to Mills. Or, as I like to put it, he had to pay her $28,000 a day for each day they were married. Those numbers hurt. Big time.

Kudos to Paul though for not losing faith in the institution of marriage. Could it be that he's just soooo in love with Nancy, or is it that he feels a sense of security knowing that she's not in it for the money?

I'd say it's a combination of both. Nancy has an enormous pile of dough -- she's sitting on a $500 million fortune from her father's trucking company. That kind of cashola probably lets Paul breathe a big old sigh of relief. I'm sure it's extremely complicated to find love and life-long commitment when you're a rich and famous celebrity (I wish I knew first hand ... ) and after he was burned so badly by Heather, it was probably a load off his mind when he started dating someone who was also absurdly wealthy. (Paul's estimated net worth is $800 million.)

I like Paul and Nancy together. I like that I haven't seen a spread in Vogue about her fairytale romance, even though you know she was offered one. I like that the wedding will be a low-key with a reception to follow at Paul's house. Nancy seems like a great fit for my favorite Beatle and I hope these two crazy kids last forever. Third time's a charm, right? After all, all you need is love (well, that and similar-sized bank accounts.)

Do you think Nancy and Paul are a good match?


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