Blake Lively Trades Leo DiCaprio for Even Better Guy

blake lively and ryan reynolds kissingAlthough we originally thought they broke up MONTHS back (due to mommy issues!), it seems Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio only recently put the last nail in the coffin of their five-month relationship. But it doesn't seem like either is crying in their pillow. Reportedly, Leo has already moved on with a 21-year-old Aussie model (no surprise there), and Blake ... well, her situation is actually a bit more interesting. She's either hooking up with, hanging out with, but either way, definitely MAKING OUT WITH Ryan Reynolds, her co-star from The Green Lantern.

The pair were spotted at the Boston Back Bay train station at 5 a.m. on Monday morning, attached at the lips. Blake was boarding an Acela train back to NYC, after what seemed to be at least one cozy night with Ryan at the apartment he's been living in while shooting R.I.P.D.


Although in some ways, I prefer Ryan with Sandra Bullock, this pairing is actually really cute. Not to mention, being with Ryan would certainly be an UPGRADE for Blake.

Oh, sure, we Millennial gals who grew up on Titanic and Romeo + Juliet tend to think of Leo as the be all and end all of Hollywood hunks, but ehhhh ... His track record isn't so sexy anymore. This whole flitting from sexy young model to even sexier, younger cover girl is getting old. HE'S getting old.

Ryan, on the other hand, seems to be looking for real love. He was with Alanis for so long, proving he can do the long-term relationship thing. Then, he actually put a ring on it and said "I do" with Scarlett. He seems to be super-supportive of Sandra (even if they are just friends), etc. I don't know, definitely seems like it could work. And WOW, Blake loves those Scorpio men, huh?! Penn, Leo, now Ryan!

Sure, it seems a little "too fast," being that she and Leo only just broke up, but that's okay. What might appear to be a rebound relationship isn't always doomed. I have two friends, both of whom moved on within DAYS of a bad break-up, but are now the happiest they've ever been with their so-called "rebound" guy. I'd bet it works out more often when the guy is an upgrade from your ex. (Besides, after a break-up, you're even more focused on what you want and what you don't, so in that way, you're probably in the perfect state of mind to pick a higher-quality partner!) 

In this case, I definitely think Ryan is a step up for Blake. Hope these two prove they can make it work!

What do you think about Ryan and Blake together? Do you believe a "rebound relationship" can end up being something real? 


Image via Michael Caulfield/Getty Images

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