Beware the Man With Hundreds of Children

Dating a man with one kid is a deal-breaker for many women. And who could blame them? Between the monthly child support checks, potential for baby mama drama, and the pain joy of stepkids, being a stepmother is no walk in the park. How about if your husband had 75 children then?

It was bad enough when this guy did it, but at least he was paid and followed proper channels. Sure, he fathered 75 children, but they were all through anonymous donation. Scarier still are the men willing to do it for free.

These are married men and single men and men offering to do it "the old-fashioned way" on Craigslist and beyond. Freaky, no? Ray, a 38-year-old who declined to give his real name to the Daily Beast, prefers to donate the "natural way." He claims this is more successful, but he is wrong. He also says he has tried to knock up about 40 different women and been successful 12 times. This class act says: 


I actually have little interest in even a stone-cold fox if she isn’t going to get pregnant. I guess in some ways, helping lesbians, I am like an astronaut of inner space, going where no man has gone before.

Did I mention this prize is married with two kids? What a lucky lady.

OK, sure. Maybe some men do this magnanimously, but my guess is that there are a lot more who do it for the worst, most selfish reasons. They want to continue their genes or they have a sexual pregnancy fetish or they're simply interested in having sex with multiple women. No matter the reason, the result is the same: Bad, bad news. Run ladies. Please, for the love of God.

If a man even hints at the idea that he wants to or has fathered multiple children, that should be an indicator. A good man has self-control, and even if he is turned on by the idea of fathering so many children, he would find a way to tamper that, especially if he was married with children.

Really, it's just another way of cheating and, quite frankly, it's worse. If I found out my husband was doing this, I would be a lot more likely to dump him than if I found out he had a one-night stand with some bimbo.

Giving children to childless couples is a lovely thing to do. But not if it's done for the wrong reasons. Then it's just creepy.

Does this repulse you?

Image via gniliep/Flickr

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