Ashton Kutcher Cheating Rumors Don't Sit Well With Cougars

Ashton Kutcher and Demi MooreThe tabloids have been rife with rumors of Ashton Kutcher having an affair with a younger woman -- maybe two. According to reports, Kutcher partied his booty off at a San Diego tech convention, getting down and dirty with two women, the weekend he and wife Demi Moore celebrated (or perhaps didn't celebrate) their sixth wedding anniversary.

So far Demi and Ashton haven't commented, but if the rumors are true, none of us are probably terribly surprised. After all, celebrity marriages crumble all the time. But what does surprise me -- though of course it shouldn't -- is the way the media is portraying a possible split as inevitable because Moore is older than Kutcher. She is 48. He is 33. And one of the women Kutcher supposedly cheated with is 23.


Can I just ask why it's so difficult for people to conceive that Kutcher might be attracted (possibly even faithful; what do we really know?) to a woman who 15 years his senior -- especially when that woman is the drop-dead gorgeous Demi Moore? And geez, if she's toast at 48, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Do we really think it's impossible for a younger man to love an older woman? I mean, just look at the headlines 85-year-old billionaire Duchess of Alba is grabbing for marrying a commoner 25 years her junior. (Which, by the way, makes him 60 -- hardly a young stud.) The duchess's children have tried to stop the marriage, but the duchess insists that her groom isn't after her money, but rather truly loves her. And really, isn't it just possible that she's right?

Do you think true love (and a long-term commitment) between a younger man and an older woman is impossible? What about love between a young woman and an older man?


Image via TechCrunch50-2008/Flickr

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