Men Do Not Like Women Who Wear This

Wearing too much makeup is almost always a huge mistake. We all know that woman who cakes it on -- smokey eyes, red lips, and bronzer all at the same time. And we all know what we think of them (yuck), but it turns out, not only do you look a fool when you wear too much, you also look like a liar.

To make matters even worse, men don't dig you. It may be true that men might look at you for a one-night stand or you might get attention at a club, but in the long run, men do prefer women who wear less. It says they're more confident.

Like any "trick," makeup is false advertising. Your lips aren't that red, eyes not that shape, cheeks not that flushed, and skin tone not that even.


Like push-up bras and stiletto heels and any other item that makes us appear other than what we are, makeup IS a lie. No wonder people perceive us as liars!

A little bit of makeup goes a long way. Sure, even out the skin tone and use a little under-eye concealer, but to really cover the face in paint just seems unreasonable. And, as it turns out, it is unreasonable.

No man I've ever met would prefer a woman with a ton of makeup. In fact, many men say women are at their most attractive when they're a bit undone. So why do we waste all this time ladies? What's the point?

In my own house, my husband gets upset when I wear makeup and often is startled by it. "Why do you have all that crap on your face?" he will ask me when we're going out. It's a crass way of telling me I look prettier without it. A more natural look is just more appealing.

Stop lying! Start rocking your real bra size and height, showing off your real lip color and cheekbones rather than drawing them on. You will get more men and also be perceived as truthful. Big win!

Does your man like you in makeup?

Image via shawnzrossi/Flickr

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