Man Sacrifices Life for Girlfriend in Tragic Car Crash

steering wheelSometimes we learn what love is really about from the most tragic incidents. Consider a recent car accident involving a 40-year-old Army veteran from Colorado. Christopher Phillips was driving back to Colorado Springs from Oklahoma with his girlfriend, Deborah Mason, and son, where they had been visiting his father, who suffered a stroke. Suddenly, another driver veered into the wrong lane and collided with Phillips' car.

According to police reports, the other man's car should have struck the passenger side of Phillips' car, where Mason was seated. But Phillips made the split-second decision to swerve and protect his girlfriend. And Phillips' life was taken in the crash. Ugh ... I know, you're going for the Kleenex. Me, too.

What Phillips did says so much about his character. It was exactly the kind of thing he was known for, Mason told local news. "He would always put everyone before himself," she explained.


She described their last moments in the hospital ...

He just said, "Come here," and I leaned down real close to his lips with my ear and he just whispered, "I love you and I'm sorry," and I realized that was such a beautiful thing to do.

Wow ... incredible. And so, so sad.

I don't mean to belittle in any way what Christopher Phillips did, and I don't doubt that he was selfless with all of his loved ones. And what he did says a lot about the kind of man he was. But the decision he made is one I imagine most men make when they're in love. Maybe it sounds old-fashioned, but I really do feel like a good man's default, gut reaction in any emergency is to protect their girlfriend or wife. It's innate, second-nature, embedded in their DNA. They'd sacrifice their own lives for ours in a heartbeat, because that's how much they love us. 

Remembering Christopher, Deborah explained it perfectly:

He was an example of how every man should love a woman and how a woman should be loved.

It's not that we as women NEED our men to throw themselves in harm's way on our behalf, but it definitely says a lot about a man -- and the love you share -- when they're willing to. Or in Christopher Phillips' case, that he did.

What do you think of Christopher Phillips' sacrifice?


Image via Sean McEntee/Flickr

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