Crazy Couple Sets World Record With 100th Wedding

vow renewalGetting married is usually something most people only want to do once in their lifetime. Maybe twice. But there's a woman from Tennessee who's been married 100 times. But she hasn't had 100 husbands. This is starting to sound like a riddle, isn't it? Thing is that she's married her husband, the same guy, over and over and over and over again. They've renewed their vows 100 times. I don't know if it's sweet or downright nutty, but it's probably a little bit of both.


Lauren and David Blair first said "I do" back in 1984 and the kooky couple has repeated those words 100 times each in a different location. It's pretty cool that they can say that they were married in exotic locales all over the world, but I'd say after the third or fourth time, the shtick gets a little old.

The Blairs disagree -- they say they keep getting married to recapture their initial attraction. I say it's a little like beating a dead horse, but I'm happy they see it differently and are able to pursue their dream. They were just re-entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for "Most Marriage Vow Renewals by the Same Couple," a record they originally broke after their 66th ceremony.

Whatever floats your boat I guess. Personally I'd think it means more when your husband tells you he loves you every night, or when he cleans out the plastic trash can when it gets all sticky at the bottom, when he respectfully lets you have the last donut, or when he handles your mother's funeral arrangements without blinking. Those are the little and big "vow renewals" that happen in every marriage whether there's a priest and a ceremony or not.

Even though I think they're pretty loony, I'd like to offer a heartfelt congrats to the Blairs on their 100th re-commitment ceremony. Here's to many, many more, you crazy lovebirds, you. Don't go changin'.

How do you "renew" your vows?


Photo via jwm_angrymonkey/Flickr

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