Jesse James Finally Gave Kat Von D What She Needed

kat vond d twitter cheating boyfriend

Well, Kat Von D has finally revealed the truth about Jesse James on Twitter. Yep, it's official -- Jesse James is a no-good, lying jerkface cheater; Kat more gently refers to him as her "cheating ex." Sure, we could have all told her that a year and a half ago after his very public breakup with then-wife Sandra Bullock -- over cheating -- however, it's not really our place to tell Kat "we told you so."

For some reason, like so many flawed humans everywhere, Kat needed to get up close and personal with the jerk and find out for herself. You can't argue with it. That's exactly what she needed.


It's always frustrating when good people choose to wade into the muck of a toxic relationship for reasons unbeknownst to the rest of us who are clear-eyed on the sidelines, safe from the contagiousness of blind love. However, there's not really much you can do but watch and wait and let the learning process run its course. People gotta learn what they gotta learn how they gotta learn it. It's a fact of life.

We all make stupid mistakes. All of us. Mistakes others could have seen coming from miles away. However, sometimes we can't see things until we see them with our own two eyes. And sometimes we really need to walk through that experience as part of our journey in life. It makes us stronger, it helps us figure out who we truly are, and sometimes, it even helps us do better the next time.

Kat Von D seems like a pretty cool chick (aside from this particularly bad tattoo choice), so I feel for her on this one. It's hard to judge a person for believing, even for a short while, that they are special enough to change a total @sshole into a lovable dude. Even our beloved Sandy Bullock tried and failed.

All I know is I'm glad Kat finally seems to have her eyes wide open when it comes to Jesse James. Let's hope they stay that way, and let's hope their bad relationship helped make her more into the woman she wants to be -- because then all the crap is worth it in end, right?

Can you believe Jesse James continues to score such hot chicks?


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