'Average' Guys Are the Best Guys

A survey of women in the UK reveals what most of us already knew: We ladies aren't looking for the tallest, best looking guy in the world. We don't want a star basketball player or the richest man in the country to sweep us off our feet and love us forever. Most of us are looking for "Mr. Average."

"Mr. Average," according to the Daily Mail, is somewhere between 30 to 45, around 5'10", dark haired, a good cook, gainfully employed, and somewhat creative. And while I'll agree these qualities are far preferable to "bad boy, lots of money," they are also far from "average."

Sadly, a nice, dependable guy who respects/loves his wife and loves his family is anything but "average." He isn't the norm, it's sad to say. In fact, he's a huge catch.


In my estimation, "average" would probably be the guy who comes home after a long day just wanting to be alone, visits strip clubs without telling his wife, and plays golf on the weekends rather than hanging with the family.

Many of the husbands I know are more like this than the "average" guy the Daily Mail describes. My husband is highly dependable and very into our family, but he is 6'3" and I hooked up with him when he was 24. I wasn't looking for Mr. "Average."

Some might say he is "average" in that he goes to work, is the primary breadwinner, brings home a good salary, and adores our children. But I'd say he is above average in many other ways. "Average" to me sounds more like mediocre, middle of the road, a C when you could get an A. He's fine, but he won't rock anyone's boat.

Thanks, but no thanks. "Average" is bland, but dependable and trustworthy don't automatically mean middle of the road, and the suggestion that they do is somewhat offensive. Anyway, if they do, then sure. I want an "average" guy. But I'd say judging from the many men I know, both married and otherwise, my dependable, highly employable husband is anything but "average."

Do you like an "average" man?


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