Would You Let Your Man Kiss Another Man?

guys kissingTwo women kissing is considered hot, but two guys? Icky. The double standard is unfair in my opinion. If two chicks can express their attraction to each other and Katy Perry can sing about it, then why can't two men do the same? 

Of course men can do the same, and it seems more and more guys are locking lips -- allowing themselves to enjoy it and explore bisexuality. It's all part of the rise of male bisexual chic, which includes the game of "gay chicken."

Okay, what?


In "gay chicken," two seemingly straight young men see how long they can go on kissing before one of them pulls away. The loser, or "gay chicken," is the guy who pulls away first. What's so fascinating about the game, and the YouTube videos, is that there are a lot of men doing it, and the videos get hundreds of thousands of hits. It's all types of guys, although lots of them are 20-something. Perhaps this is making male bisexuality more accepted and, dare I say (and use a word I hate), "normal." 

Eric Anderson, a sociologist at the University of Bath, began studying this after two male students introduced him to "gay chicken." Anderson spoke to The Guardian about his research and it was revealed that 89 percent of the polled men were happy to kiss a guy on the lips in a friendship way. Nearly 40 percent said they really smooched a guy for shock value, but would do it now for a laugh. Perhaps the fear of homosexuality is decreasing? Perhaps more are exploring their bisexual tendencies?

Two guys kissing is a statement about confidence. And confidence is one of the sexiest things in the world. 

Would you be okay if your guy wanted to kiss another man?

Image via geishaboy500/Flickr

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