Leaving Your Man Is the Key to a Happy Marriage

woman packing suitcaseBeing in a committed relationship isn't always fun and fireworks. It's often a lot of hard work or annoying chores ... there are days filled with doing the dishes, laundry, and taking out the trash. Of course, too much of this can set the stage for boredom ... dun dun daaaah! And for many couples -- especially as of late -- a snoozefest of a relationship is a recipe for a bust-up or a divorce. (Just look at Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston!)

So what's the fix? Leaving your husband, says a journalist named Iris Krasnow, who has been married for 23 years. No, not for good! She's been able to circumvent that nasty little thing known as a "marital rut" by taking her own summer vacation. It's funny ... when I read recently that the Cake Boss' wife goes down to Florida by herself several times a year -- sans him and their kids -- I was a bit taken aback. Why would she do that?


But it makes perfect sense. In fact, it's probably the best thing anyone can do to keep their marriage afloat. And it doesn't necessarily have to be reserved for dire circumstances.

Even if you're still on cloud nine every day with your partner, spending a little time away can make your heart grow even fonder. It can make your "ordinary" relationship seem exciting again, extraordinary, incredible even. Plus, you're even more grateful for him than you were before.

I speak from personal experience, having gone down to see my family in Florida this summer for a week and a half. I love living with my boyfriend, but having the time and space away from one another was definitely an opportunity for both of us. I had time with my siblings and parents; he had time with his brother and buddies. We got the chance to miss one another -- which definitely set the stage for a romantic reunion later on -- and we also enjoyed some alone time, which is valuable in itself. All too often, we forget how to make ourselves happy when we're with our partner all the time. And that won't do -- you really do have to know how to make yourself content and be okay being alone in order to be happy with someone else.

Paul McCartney once said he and his first wife Linda never spent any nights apart -- with the exception of when he went to jail in Japan. And that's all certainly romantic, but I'm with Iris. Sometimes a few nights apart are exactly what you need to make real sparks fly.

What do you think -- do time and space make your relationship stronger?


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