Girl Needs Surgery After Boyfriend Feeds Her a Necklace

muffinThere are two things guys should never, ever do. One: Never get involved in a land war in Asia. Two: Never hide jewelry in food. Neither scenario ends well -- there are usually shrieks, tears, and blood. But for some reason, dudes just can't resist putting sparkling baubles in champagne glasses, or cupcakes, or mashed potatoes, or muffins. They break this jewelry rule so frequently, it's almost like they want us to choke and die. Case in point: Xiao Li of China.

He's a romantic man and a sweet guy, but he's a rule breaker. Nope, he didn't engage in land war ... he disobeyed cardinal rule number two and hid a friggin' necklace in his girlfriend's muffin. (No! Not her muffin. A muffin. Like a regular, blueberry muffin. It wasn't a euphemism. Jeez!)

You'll never guess what happened next. Hint! It involves surgery.


Unfortunately, the unsuspecting girlfriend took a huge bite out of her muffin and swallowed like any normal human being would. Except this time she swallowed too fast, I guess? Because the BF didn't have time to stop her/explain or hint to her that she should break the muffin apart first. Yada yada yada, he broke the news to her in the car on the way to the hospital that what she swallowed wasn't all muffin.

The 22-year-old girlfriend was given emergency endoscopic surgery and the doctors pulled the necklace from her stomach out through her throat, and everyone lived happily ever after. They cleaned the necklace up and it's as good as new. Same with the girlfriend.

When will guys learn? Jewelry plus food plus woman plus swallowing equals no fun for anyone. At best you've got a ring covered in carrot cake, at worst you've got emergency surgery and a ring covered in carrot cake ... and stomach guts. Let's leave the jewelry to pretty little boxes and the food to plates and no one gets hurt.

What do you think of men hiding jewelry in food?


Photo via Nicola since 1972/Flickr

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