Prostitutes Are Not Always Bad for a Marriage

American Pie star Jason Biggs may have made a name for himself playing raunchy sex for laughs, but not many people were laughing recently when the 33-year-old actor's wife, actress Jenny Mollen, blogged about their night with a hooker. The couple was trying to spice up their marriage and many are feeling pretty judgy about the whole thing. 

I say: Whose business is it? Mollen's blog was detailed, hilarious, and somewhat depraved, yes. But Biggs is a lucky man. He is married to a woman who is open to his sexual fantasies and doesn't make him feel badly about them.

In the blog, she said:


On the plane ride home I texted Keisha and thanked her for her work. What ever it was she had done, worked. I was instantly more aroused by my husband. He seemed so mysterious to me. Even though the actual act was relatively boring and a financial bust, the reliving of it grew hotter and hotter in my mind. “What a sweet whore,” I said to my husband, staring down at the flickering lights of good ole Sin City. He laughed and grabbed my leg. Something was rekindled between us. Or perhaps something blossomed that was never there before. I don’t know which it was, but I felt closer.

Isn't that the point? I know couples personally who have done this and it did bring them closer together. It rekindled something, exactly what Mollen referred to.

If this isn't the kind of sexual thing that floats your boat, then good for you. But don't judge others for their fun. No one wants to be called a prude or a killjoy any more than they want to be called whores for their escapades. Every couple is different and every couple needs a different level of stimulation.

Get over it. Who are we to judge? I say good for them, more power to them, and Biggs is a lucky dude to have such an open wife. Choosing to share it was a little odd, but in the end, she might open up discussions and actually help other couples making similar decisions. So, good for her.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting and having fun within the bounds of a healthy marriage.

Do you think this is bad?

Image via Walt Stoneburner/Flickr

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