Happy Anniversary! I Want to Have Sex With Other People

ashton kutcher demi moore in happier daysOh man, word is spreading fast that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are probably splitting up, because she's had it with his serial cheating! Apparently, on their sixth wedding anniversary, which was last Friday, September 24, Ashton was partying it up with "scantily-clad women at Fluxx nightclub in San Diego, where he looked nothing like a happily-married man." And it gets worse ... he supposedly had sex with a blonde named Sara Leal at the Hard Rock Hotel ... that SAME night!

Poor Demi!! It's bad enough to have to deal with the fact that your spouse is cheating on you, but on your wedding anniversary? What the hell is wrong with him?! But actually, it's not really that rare for someone unhappy with their relationship to spend their anniversary or a holiday going rogue, getting freaky with someone else.


AshleyMadison.com -- that nasty site where "attached" people look to hook up and cheat with similarly "attached" people -- reports that on an average day, up to 3,000 women sign up for the service. But on the day after Mother's Day this past year? Over 31,000 joined!!! WHOA. They also said that it seems to be a pattern where more people join after big holidays like Valentine's Day and New Year's Day. Anniversaries must factor into this, as well. It must have to do with having great expectations for what those days are going to be like with your partner, and when you're disappointed, I guess some people go a-runnin' (or a-clickin') to find someone new to shtup. So sad!

I get it that if things are going downhill when you're supposed to be at a high in your relationship, the temptation to run or stray can go up. But that doesn't mean you have to GIVE IN! Feeling disappointed's obviously a sign there's a problem in the relationship that needs to be addressed. A problem that certainly, ultimately won't be solved by screwing around with someone else. Damn, doesn't anyone at least care to ATTEMPT to work things out with their spouse anymore?

Guess AplusK doesn't. It's only been six years into his marriage to MrsKutcher, and unfortunately, it sounds like -- if his cheating really is as rampant as reports make it out to be -- he isn't even bothering to fix whatever problems he and Demi have. Maybe their marriage is totally dead in the water. But the LEAST he could have done was respect his still-wife enough to skip the side booty on their wedding anniversary. What a schmuck!

Are you surprised that people cheat more on anniversaries and holidays?


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