Wedding Photo Shoot Goes Hilariously Wrong (VIDEO)

bridal party lakeWhat do you get when you add a rickety old dock, a lake, a wedding party, and a guy with an iPhone? A classic YouTube video of a rickety old dock collapsing into a lake with the wedding party, of course! What a way to start off married life together; talk about taking the plunge. The bride, groom, and about six bridesmaids were posing on the dock for photos when it gave way and sank slowly into the water.

Thankfully, a cousin was on hand to film the whole thing, giving a play-by-play analysis with colorful commentary from bystanders who say gems like, "I just called that!" and "Women and children first!"


Everyone just has a real sense of humor in this wedding and it's kind of awesome. When everyone's been helped out of the water (the Carpathia wasn't called in), they decided the only thing to do was laugh ... and chug Old Milwaukee beer. That's how I handle all stressful situations I encounter, so I salute my sisters and brothers from another mother who handle their unexpected swim with gaiety and whimsy.

I bet this little snafu really took the pressure off the rest of the night. Once your dress is covered in lake water, nothing else can faze you. Weddings can be pretty uptight, but something tells me that this couple didn't let the dip stop them from having a good time.

The bride has a funny diva moment when she orders the groom to dry her legs off, even though he's way wetter than she is, and then explains that she prevented herself from falling in the mud by using her core.

It's nice that their wedding day memories will last a lifetime -- who could ever forget sinking into a lake on their big day -- and it's nice that their wedding day memories will also last a lifetime on the Internet for future generations to enjoy over and over again. As of now, the YouTube footage of the collapse has over 26,000 views.

WATCH the dock and the bridal party go down.

What funny things have happened at weddings you've been to?

Photo via YouTube

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